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  • Digital Humanities like The Secret of Monkey Island™

    In their excellent chapter on the use of digital data in historical research, Frederick W. Gibbs and Trevor J. Owens distinguish between two DH approaches to data. ‘Data’, they argue, ‘does not always have to be used as evidence. It can also help with discovering and framing research questions’. On the one hand, you have […]

  • Digital Newspapers as a source for (digital) history

    Last week, I gave a talk at the Europeana Newspapers Information Day at the Staatsbibliothek Berlin on the use of digitised historical newspapers in our Translantis project. I gave an impression of the tools and functionalities we are experimenting with and the challenges – in terms of source criticism and interpretation – that come along with […]

  • Before your do digital history…

    This blog post is the adapted conclusion from the paper ‘A Digital Humanities Approach to the History of Science. Eugenics revisited in hidden debates by means of semantic text mining’ I wrote in collaboration with Fons Laan, Maarten de Rijke and Toine Pieters. The article was based on the research I did within the historical […]